Athena Academy for Media Arts, Science, & Technology

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working with more youth like you?.

The Latino Youth Collective provides resources and opportunities for youth to engage in personal and community development through critical pedagogy, grassroots organizing, and collective action.

Critical Pedagogy

We believe every student has the ability to recognize the connections between their individual experiences and the social contexts in which they are embedded. Every student is an expert of his/her own reality and has the ability to take constructive action.

Grassroots Organizing

We believe innovation is meant to be indigenous that is why we employ  Flexible Mechanisms for Organic Formation to bring about social transformation

Collective Action

We believe the process of developing critical consciousness is fundamental to creating viable social transformation where the collective wisdom is employed to benefit the decision-making process.

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Be Responsible, to yourself, to your family, to your community, to our world

Definite Dozen #1

Be Respected, be respectul; Respect Yourself, Demand that Others Respect You, Respect Others

Definite Dozen #2

Be Honest; Leaders don't make Excuses they Make Improvements

Definite Dozen #3

Be Loyal; Stand Alognside those Who have the Least

Definite Dozen #4

Work; Everyday, Everywhere

Definite Dozen #5

Study; To Study is a Revolutionary Duty

Definite Dozen #6

Character Over Reputation; Character is who you are when no one else is looking, reputation is who other people say you are

Definite Dozen #7

Believe: Doubters Never Win, Revolutionaries Never Doubt

Definite Dozen #8

Be Self Critical; No Revolution is Complete without a Culture of Self-Improvement, There is no Culture of Self-Improvement without a Culture of Self-Reflection

Definite Dozen #9

Acknowledge the Knowledge: Teach and Be Teachable

Definite Dozen #10

Discipline Yourself so No One Else Has To

Definite Dozen #11

Be Relentless: Never, Ever Give Up

Definite Dozen #12