Athena Academy for Media Arts, Science, & Technology

The Campecine Youth Academy is now The Athena Academy for Media Arts, Science, & Technology

The Athena Academy for Media Arts, Science, & Technology is a program designed around Participatory Action Research (PAR), a praxis that emphasizes social change through collaboration and reflection. The curriculum stresses a variety of research methodologies, incorporates community organizing, emphasizes the importance of critical media skills, and trains scholars to produce multimedia projects


Six Weeks of Summer

During the program, participants divide into six “familias” (families/teams) to identify an issue of mutual interest, during the course of six weeks each familia is trained and charged with the production of a short stop motion animation (2-3 min) called “issumation” and a short documentary (10-15 min) about the same issue.  Some of the topics covered so far include: Teenage pregnancy, gang involvement, immigration, family separation, domestic violence, use of drugs, abortion, access to education, media influence on youth, access to healthy foods, among many other.

The skills you will learn

Graphic Design (Illustrator, Photoshop)


Video Production (Adobe Premiere, After Effects)


Project Management (Google Apps, Trello, Prezi)


Research (Video Interviews, Online surveys, Data Analysis)


Web Design & Development (Code Academy, WordPress)


Flexible Mechanism for Organic Formation

We designed and developed The Athena Academy for Media Arts, Science, & Technology to be a space where immigrant youth can strengthen their critical thinking skills through action research and build a community of care dedicated to service and civic responsibility.

Media Technology

Our approach to the use of technology revolves around increasing youth’s knowledge of media production, distribution, and consumption and the role these play in our daily lives


The curriculum stresses a variety of research methodologies that emphasize collective participation to create dialogue about social justice and eventual social transformation


Participants develop critical consciousness about the forces shaping our lives, understand the importance of college and career readiness, and are motivated and confident to reach their own academic and career goals

CYA is a really good experience you won't find anywhere else

Mariana Lagunas

The program is like a second family, it is fun, you will learn a lot

Mauricio Acuña

It is fun, productive, something that helps you learn, helps you grow up

Amairani Beltran